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Non-emergency medical transportation is an important, widely used Medicaid benefit that provides transportation to and from medical appointments, pharmacies, rehabs, and other healthcare facilities.

Medicaid beneficiaries with complex health conditions struggle to find safe and reliable transportation to medical appointments. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, or shortly NEMT, is an essential need for people who are otherwise unable to get to their healthcare appointments. 

A proper medical transportation software makes it much easier for NEMT companies to ensure smooth transportation services. A reliable NEMT software discovers fitting pick-up and drop-off windows for every trip, enhancing on-time performance. 

NEMT software may detect the patient’s needs and ensure the vehicle’s and driver’s qualifications are suitable for the trip. It is an excellent feature for both patients and providers because it significantly reduces the chances of the wrong transport or unqualified driver.

RouteGenie offers HIPAA-compliant powerful software for NEMT companies. It helps to control everyday NEMT challenges such as vehicles breaking down, traffic problems, cancellations, driver call-offs, will calls, no-shows, add-on trips, on-demand trips, and more.

The software also makes billing procedures much easier and faster. It helps in sending invoices and tracking payments, it creates digital invoices for clients and shares them via e-mail just in minutes.

RouteGenie high-quality NEMT software will significantly reduce human errors and improve overall performance by automating all operations. It helps you keep your vehicles properly inspected, insured, and certified with all of your payers. You can determine the fastest route, import your trips, track your drivers, and manage your fleet with a couple of clicks.

Having a reliable, efficient NEMT software helps you schedule, route, dispatch, and bill every trip for optimum results. RouteGenie is comprehensive, adjustable, and it meets all the needs of NEMT organizations of any size and location.

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